A ₹500/- bribe saved his brothers life

A 57 years traveller became unwell and started spluttering bloody sputum in a distant city.  Somebody landed him in a nearby shanty hospital and informed his family.  His brother picked up all the money at home and all the plastic cards that he could muster and took a flight to the ailing traveller.  He saw the hospital and instantly knew that his brother wouldn't survive, and wanted to return with his brother to Delhi where he thought something could possibly be done for the ailing traveller. 

Off to the airport they came, he bought the tickets and started to board.  Alarmed at the sight of the ailing traveller who was hobbling up the steps with blood smeared across his face, the stewards off loaded them asking them to get a medical certificate i.e. 'fitness to fly'.  So they hobbled across to the airport doctor, who declined the required certificate; then accepted a bribe money of ₹ 500/- and allowed them to board.  He also got them to clean up.


The brothers sat in the last seat quietly coughing and spluttering into a towel (when nobody was watching) lest the plane be forced to make an emergency landing.  Brother knew that the ailing traveller was getting colder and drowsier as the flight progressed and kept his hand busy comforting the elder sibling.  However, they landed in Delhi, here they cleverly asked for quick evacuation from the plane and took a taxi to  hospital.

Which hospital? Sir Ganga Ram Hospital because that was the first name that came to his mind.  At 8 pm the duo were at the hospital emergency, a minute later the traveller had flat lined.

This just means that his heart had stopped.  After a long period of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, his heart resumed some function and was supported further till his lifesaving bypass operation and was discharged home alive and well.  He continues his travels four years from the day, he had called today to wish me on his operation anniversary.

It was only ₹ 500/- that allowed him the flight to Delhi, in time to the hospital for a cardiac arrest.

Posted on May 26, 2013 .