Innovator Lab Consultants India: small step ahead

Every once in a while we find ourselves stuck while working; and it takes a sheer moment of inspiration to come up with a way to solve it. I have been in medicine for over three decades now; and I find recognising medical problems and searching for their engineering solutions very exciting.  Over the last couple of decades I have patented a couple of medical innovations and tried to bring them to market, realising very quickly thereafter that this is a very complicated business indeed.

I now have a firm belief that while medical doctors are able to identify problems at their workplace and may even venture into finding engineering or other solutions for them; most of these concepts would remain just that. I know because I have struggled for a decade with one such idea. Each step along the way is complicated and fraught with delays and disenchantment.  To help medics and allied people along that path, I set up Innovator Lab Consultants India.

At Innovator Lab we strive to create technologies that improve the quality of patient care, speed of recovery, and the general patient experience. The emphasis is on providing the initial infrastructure, funding, manpower, and medical resources for projects that we partner with. Innovator Lab was founded to ensure good ideas formed at the bedside don't die off. Over the years I have established an extensive network with engineers, students, advisors and consultants both in India and abroad. 

Today we are at a position where we have an advanced cardiac prosthetic project underway supported by external funding, and a few other areas of active interest. With the established network we now have in this industry, we are confident that we can push forward the development of any further projects. I encourage you to read more about this endeavour at

Posted on December 30, 2014 .